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Tripura VAT

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1The Tripura Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act,2007 
2THE TRIPURA VALUE ADDED TAX ACT, 2004 AND THE TRIPURA VALUE ADDED TAX RULES, 2005 (As amended till 7th September, 2011) 
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118 Dec 15Notification regarding establishment of Jherjheri checkpost
218 Dec 15Notification(corrigendum)inrespect of Lump Sum payment of VAT by Brick Kiln
317 Nov 15Notification of lumpsum tax for brick kilns 2015-16
409 Nov 15Notification on Pre-owned ,Used car
503 Oct 15Notification of power delegation in respect revisional authority
626 Sep 15Notification on Jherjheri Checkpost
715 Sep 15Notification on TVAT(5th Amendment) Rules,2015
820 Jul 15Memorandum regarding Security money for TVAT & CST Registration
911 May 15Guidelines for Seizing of Goods
1027 Mar 15Notification on Medicine
1128 Jan 15Notification on revision of rate of tax on Biri,Unmanufactured Tobacco etc.
1212 Jan 15Notification on revision of rate of tax
1325 Nov 14Notification on reduction of rate of Aviation Turbine Fuel
1414 Oct 14Notification on revision of Rate of Tax
1513 Oct 14Notification on reduction of rate of Tax on Tobacco and Tobacco products
1629 Sep 14Notice for reduction of rate of VAT on Tobacco
1729 Sep 14Notice for reduction of rate of VAT on spare parts
1829 Sep 14Notification on Brick Kiln for the Year 2014-15
1916 Aug 14Tripura Value Added Tax(Fourth Amendment) Rules,2013
2020 Nov 13Gazette Notification on revision of VAT Rates
2106 Nov 13Notification on revision of rate of tax of Liquor
2206 Nov 13Notification on amendment of Schedule II(a) & II(b)
2331 Oct 13Notification on brick kiln for the year 13-14
2423 Sep 13Notification related to exemption of work at Tripureshwari Temple
2513 Aug 13Notification on Modification of ePayment System
2611 Mar 13Notification Related to Payment Interest for Brick Klin
2709 Jan 13Notification on TAX exemption the Border Haats
2820 Dec 12Tripura Value Added Tax(Third ) Rules,2012
2919 Oct 12Notification on brick kiln the year 12-13
3030 Aug 12Notification related to declaration Cyber Treasury
3117 Aug 12The Tripura Value Added (First Amendment) Rules, 2011
3209 Aug 12The Tripura Value Added Tribunal Regulations 2012
3303 Aug 12Notification related to loss C Form of Ms. _ Datta
3401 Aug 12Tripura Value Added Tax(Second ) Rules,2012
3517 Jul 12Corrigendum for the notification _ to loss of C _ of Nag Medico
3607 Jul 12Notification related to loss C Form of MsNag
3730 Jan 12Notification for online filling e-return
3817 Nov 11Guidlines for issuing of _ XXV to Registered Transporters Couriers and determination of & Additional Security deposit
3916 Nov 11Memorandum for Clarification regarding of VAT @6% at on all types of contract w.e.f. 21.09.2011
4031 Oct 11Memorandum for Recovery of Dues
4122 Sep 11Notification for Rate of of tax at source works contract and transfer right to use any
4220 Sep 11Notification for e payment
4307 Sep 11Notification Related To Change Vat for Schedule VIII
4424 Aug 11Notification Related To Change of Vat for Declare Goods
4507 May 11Notification Related To Change of Vat from 1 To 2 percentage
4604 May 11Notification Related To Change of Vat from 12.5 To 13.5 Percentage
4720 Apr 11Notification Related To Change of Tax Rate for Petroleum_Product
4805 Feb 11Notification related to erection of vangmun checkpost
4908 Apr 10Notification related to erection of khowai checkpost
5017 Dec 09Notification related to erection of muhurighat checkpost
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1 FORMXIV (Assessment Order Form)
2 FORMXIII (Assessment Order Sheet)
3 FORMXII (Notice For Failure To Furnish Returns )
4 FORMXI (Deduction Certificate)
5 FORMVIII (Register Of Despatch of Goods Outside Tripura)
6 FormVII (Register of Goods Transported into Tripura)
7 FormVI (Register Of Certificates of Registration Issued To Transporter)
8 FORMXXXIII (Application For Refund)
9 FORMXXXII (Closing Stock Inventory)
10 FORMXXXI (Debit Note)
11 FORMXXX (Credit Note)
12 FORMXXIX (Tax Invoice)
13 FORMXXIV (Application For Permit Under TVAT Act ,2005)
14 FORMXXII (Refund Register)
15 FORMXVII (Notice Of Demand Under Section 38)
16 FORMXXXVII (Purchase Statement)
17 FORMXXXVI (Notice For Failure To Apply For Registration)
18 FORMXXXV (Assessment Notice)
19 FORMXXXIX (Application Form For Composite For Composite Dealer)
20 FORMXXXIV (Indemnity Bond)
21 FORMXXVIII (Proclamation For Auction For Sale)
22 FORMXXVII (Application Form For Issue Of Permit For Exporting Taxable Goods From Tripura)
23 FORMXXVI (Intimation Of Import of Taxable Goods)
24 FORMXXV (Declaration Of Taxable Goods Carried By Transporters)
25 FORMXXIII (Register Of Prosecution)
26 FORMXXI (Refund)
27 FORMXX (Register Of Assessment, Demand And Collection)
28 FORMXVIII (Chalan For Payment)
29 FORMXVI (Form Of Appeal)
30 FormXV (Notice Of Demand Under Section 37)
31 FORMXIX (Register Of Daily Collection)
32 FORMIX (Statement Of Stock of Undelivered Consignments)
33 FORMIII (Register of Certificate of Registration issued to Dealer)
34 FORMII (Certificate of Registration)
35 FORMXXXVIII (Sales Statement)
36 FORMXL (Declaration In Respect to Manager Or Other Officers and Charge Of Manager Or the Officers)
37 Form XB
38 Form XA
39 FORMIV (Application Form For Registration Of Transporter,Carrier,Carrier Or Transporting officer)
40 FORMV (Registration Certificate of Transporter Carrier Transporting Agent )
41 FORM-I (Application Form For Registration)
42 Form X